Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LONG time no see, huh?

sup fellows,

no update for a long time, cuz i didn´t feel like writing, dunno why.
all in all february was pretty cool and for the most time easy money. i ran like god at the nl200 tables (10kish above EV) and didn´t have to do anything then grind to make serious $$$. Nevertheless i wasn´t able to achieve UGL, cuz of missing volume/motivation, playing like a douche either. the douche play traditionally continued to the start of the new month:

(yes, i always drop huge sums at the beginning of the month, just to grind it back afterwards).

instead of playing much in february, i felt more like drinking and wachting ALL seasons and episodes of californiacation. it is really a hell of a series and hank moody is my new all time favourite role model (guess he is worth a PokerStars Avatar, huh?) eventhough 99% of the women showed there are awesome, i really felt in love w/ Addison Timlin aka Sasha Bingham.

warning: on fire, right?

for SNE i am in an okayish pace, but i am really not that motivated last days, just grinding and looking forward to cancun, which will let me fall way behind pace, but whatever. hopefully i´ll provide you w/ lots of funny pictures and stories, haha.

so here are my results of february:

bottom line:

hands: 184.334
vpps: 85.088,72
winnings online: 16.047,76$
rakeback: 4765$

total profit: 20.812,76$

wrapping again up my best month ever.
i don´t have to be a big esmeralda to say that march won´t get any close to that $-range, but nevertheless juicy, if you know what i mean, hahahahha.

so far,


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