Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LONG time no see, huh?

sup fellows,

no update for a long time, cuz i didn´t feel like writing, dunno why.
all in all february was pretty cool and for the most time easy money. i ran like god at the nl200 tables (10kish above EV) and didn´t have to do anything then grind to make serious $$$. Nevertheless i wasn´t able to achieve UGL, cuz of missing volume/motivation, playing like a douche either. the douche play traditionally continued to the start of the new month:

(yes, i always drop huge sums at the beginning of the month, just to grind it back afterwards).

instead of playing much in february, i felt more like drinking and wachting ALL seasons and episodes of californiacation. it is really a hell of a series and hank moody is my new all time favourite role model (guess he is worth a PokerStars Avatar, huh?) eventhough 99% of the women showed there are awesome, i really felt in love w/ Addison Timlin aka Sasha Bingham.

warning: on fire, right?

for SNE i am in an okayish pace, but i am really not that motivated last days, just grinding and looking forward to cancun, which will let me fall way behind pace, but whatever. hopefully i´ll provide you w/ lots of funny pictures and stories, haha.

so here are my results of february:

bottom line:

hands: 184.334
vpps: 85.088,72
winnings online: 16.047,76$
rakeback: 4765$

total profit: 20.812,76$

wrapping again up my best month ever.
i don´t have to be a big esmeralda to say that march won´t get any close to that $-range, but nevertheless juicy, if you know what i mean, hahahahha.

so far,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

quick update

had to fix the results of january, cause the time settings in my HEM were wrong.
dropped like 1,5k in the last session, but who cares?

also i am not going to vegas in march. two pokerbuddies from germany were interested, but one of them isn´t 21 yet. no 21, no vegas, easy huh? guess were headding forward to vegas with a big crowd in september, will be great fun!

the new destination for march is cancun. i am staying there with a buddy of mine for two weeks, all inclusive, and hopefully, no i am a hundret percent sure, we´ll have to party of our life, haha. i am also 100% sure that i´ll find the love of my life, so byebye cinderella.

here some impressions:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

refusing a date avec moi?! are you serious, honey?

last days i got in touch with a hottie i met first like three or four years ago. we chatted quite a bit and life seemed to be good. she´s definetely looking gorgeous for a girl from fulda (a freakin little city with appr. 100.000 inhabitants) and on a scale from 0-10 she hits the jackpot in my eyes. but there is just one problem... she definetely knows that she is top of the range, haha. so while chatting i asked her, if she would like to go out with me for dinner or something. i really don´t know, if she didn´t get me right or thought that i was just joking, but she wasn´t replying to my suggest, HELL. at the end of the conversation i asked again, when we go out. she replied: " am i the man or you? " ... okay honey, if you want a man, you can get a man.
so like four days ago i just wrote her that i´ll fetch her on sunday, 8pm, manlike, huh?
what follows is, i guess, the most standard and the MOST tilting answer you can get from a girl: "i am ill."

is it cancer or cholera? or am i looking like a complete douche?
i don´t know what to do, any suggestions?

schoolwise, i had my last examn for this quarter on thursday. basics of economics. i didn´t sleep the whole night, writing an epic cheat sheet. so far so good, i arrived at the university appr. half an hour before the the test started... and i was the last one, shit. the last rows where crowded and the first row in front of the prof was empty... oh except me, hilarious. i tried to give my best, wrote down some fairy-tales and hope to pass it.

pokerwise, i got in touch with a really cool couple, TennePenne and CyOswalt, also grinding on stars. we chatted a bit and they and some sickos like Notontilt09 and ariolis30 are going to vegas at mid-march. i am really looking forward to join the party, but really need someone from germany who accompanies me (disgusting to fly like 13 hours on your own.) so if u are interested, let me know!

online i am on a lifetime heater.

it is a great feeling to be ranked in 2nd place at the moment and i am really looking forward to ship that badge, even though there is a poker saying: "hot starts in the month never pay off." haha.
i´ll give my best, but try to not get too fancy about it, we´ll see.

so thats how my graph for the month looks like:

wishing u a nice week, hoping for cinderella´s reply, haha :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

january recap

first of all i have to say sorry!
actually, it didn´t happen that much since the last update, but i really forgot to take some pictures during the week, so that the reading of this blog becomes a lil more interesting for the one´s who aren´t that interested in poker... shit happens.
is swear i will take a bunch of pictures for the next update, given that something is going on in my shallow life, haha.

let´s come to poker:

pretty swingy huh?
but i am fine with that and it is my most successfull month ever on the poker track.
the blue line are my winnings from rakeback, live poker and stellar rewards.
i´ll always wrap it up at the end of the month, so it is most accurate.

bottom line:
hands: 239.694
vpps: 104.370,7
winnings online: 6.393$
winnings live: ~1600$
rakeback: 5.844,72$
stellar rewards: 1000$

total profit: 14.837,7$

not toooo bad i guess,

have a good one and gl at the tables!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you know KARNEVAL?

it is the period of celebration between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, also colloquially known as the fifth season. Celebrations take a variety of forms: there are meetings at which humorous speeches are made and carnival songs are sung; masked balls for young and old; and on the so-called crazy days normal life in many regions is turned completely upside down. During these crazy days power is symbolically assumed in many towns by a carnival prince and princess. Rosenmontag is generally a holiday in our region, allowing people to watch the processions and join in the celebrations.

CRAP! I really hate carnival, cause each and errry 9-5 worker is getting hardly wasted and completely hangovered these days, wearing ridiculous costums, having the joy of their life. Whatever, I visited a at a carnival event yesterday, cuz some of my friends have been there, too.
OH MY GOSH, thankfully i stayed sober.

schoolwise i unfortunately just managed to get two examns running for my first quarter in Fulda. on the one hand it seems to be okay for my SNE-chase, so i can spend much time in grinding, on the other hand my studying-time will expaaaand a lot, however, i never thought getting my bachelor in business in three years, haha.
i also set a new peronal record with spending four consecutive hours at the university, i am a little proud, eventhough i didn´t listen much, because of three blond seductions two rows in front of me.

nonetheless, cross your fingers for my examns in february ;)!

I played poker two times live this month at the local casino with two friends of mine. we all played the 100$ crapshot with a maximum of 60 participants. i busted out in 57th place, haha. a guy limped in for 100, the small blind completed and i made it 300 wit AJo. the limping guy immediately picked randomly in his chipstack and made it to 500, lol. the dealer said the minimum was 600 or so, and i really had to lough out loud. okay, when fish limp it is usually QQ, KK, AA or AK. i liked his limp-min-MIN-reraise so much that i called. the flop came A A 2. i checked and he instantly betted ALL-IN. i was pretty sure he had me with AK, but this guys was so sympathetic, i couldn´t get away from my hand.
he turned over AK and the dealer announced: SEAT OPEN.
i switched over to cash game playing NL400€ which equals appr. 550$.
unusually i hit (for live games) a really tough table with two semi-regs and two regs to my right who really tilted me.
they were max. 19 years old, but thought they had the skill level of ivey, wearing headphones like MC Hammer, trying to intimidate the table by isolating limpers and check raising flops a bunch.
but fortunately, after two hours of play, i picked up 9d2d in the small blind. there was an early raise and a coldcaller. tom dwan made it 34€ to go in the cutoff and i thought my time has come. i made it 106€ out of the big blind. he took his time and flatted...CRAP. the flop came QJ6, i lead out for 88€ he called.
turn was a 10. yeah, his range had me totally crushed. but i was young and fearless with the heart of a warrior, i jammed, he snapped....F*ck.
he instantly asked, if i had AK. NOPE tom, no AK here.
the river brought an ultimate King and i didnt realize in the heat of the action that i rivered the straight. he turned over QQ, i was sooo paralyzed and wanted to muck. luckily, i turned my straight over and the casino had a new hero. the whole table was talking about me, eventhough the other tables, a short time later.
nice hand, well played, tom said and i felt ultimatevely satisfacted, haha :).
i am up 1,6k$ live this month. not bad for such a donk.
only things have been going very swooooongy for this month. it is a hard rollercoaster ride, but i am fine with that, hoping for another 5 digit month with rb.

i played 136 hours this month which equals appr. 6hours a day without taking a single day off, furthermore i earned 73k VPPs hoping to catch the 100k mark at the end of the month. pretty stressfull, but i can see myself hanging around at the bahamas in january 2012, playing the main event and having a good time with hot chicks at the beach, when everybody in europe freeeeeeeeezes.

jajajaja, have a good one!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I recently changed the layout for my blog. Think it looks a bit gay, but much better than the older one. hope you like it,haha.

I chatted a bit while playing a heads-up against a fellow and decent regular. he recommended explaining some fundamental poker-vocabularies to widen my audience. I´ll create a list and always add vocabularies, if something jumps into my mind.


rake: amount of money, PokerStars takes away from the pot to pay for their stuff/server costs/(making the owner a zillionaire). If you have a pot of let´s say 200$, PokerStars takes like 3$ away.

rakeback: amount of money, you get back for your loyalty playing on PokerStars. The more you play, the more you get back. The higher your VIP-Level, the more you get back.

bankroll/br: amount of money I have available to exclusively play poker. (Not money for food/love,haha/hangovers)

upswing/heater: run like god at the poker tables, winning pot after pot, just a good run from time to time.

downswing: shut the f*ck up, please.

5k$: 5000$

NL100: means that you can maximum buy-in for one-hundred bucks. same goes for NL200/400/600 and so on.

bb: big blind

VIP-Points/VPPs: amount of points you are credited for every pot you play. the bigger the pot, the more VPPs you achieve.

SuperNovaElite/SNE: highest VIP-Level available on PokerStars and that what I am deeply aiming for. you achieve SNE by earning 1.000.000 VPPs through the calendar year. by achieving 1mio VPPs, PokerStars credits you with 100.000$ cash.
For more information, check out:


Guess that should do it for now. if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

As expected, poker is doing well right now. after 3 days of desperation, i managed (as i forecasted,haha) to bounce back at the tables and being up an "okayish" amount of money.

Gonna start grinding the juicy weekend games right now. hope things will go on well for me, gl at the tables:

PS: please take 2 minutes valuable life and signup a google or whatever account and klick on "follow" at the right side ---------->


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hot start in the month.... NOT

I had a really, really hot start in the month, booking like 5k$ without rakeback in the black after just two days of grinding. Yeah okay, I took shots at the bigger games and everything seemed to be running hot, but ....... no, lol. I ran incredidibly horrible at the NL400 games and dropped like 6,5k overall in just three days of further play, running like 3k under exspectation, whatever. I even played two really good regs heads-up, which is definitely my weakest spot in poker, but I love the competition (Handhistories below). I managed to bounce back the last days and I am confident things will turnaround for me soon.

My second goal besides Supernova-Elite is to slim down appr. 30 pounds. Regarding this, everything is fine, I am eating healthy (thank you mom) and drinking exclusively water. Okay, I had some beers and Pepsi light for dinner, but that should be okay, too.
Living a healthy lifestyle is not just important for me, it is essential for poker to be sharp and always on the top of my game.

So here are the Handhistories:

Opponent is notontilt09 who is Supernova-Elite yet and a big winner.

notontilt09 ($434)
JVL_STARRR69 ($513)

JVL_STARRR69 posts (SB) $2
notontilt09 posts (BB) $4

Dealt to JVL_STARRR69 Qc Jd

JVL_STARRR69 raises to $8

notontilt09 raises to $28

JVL_STARRR69 calls $20

FLOP ($56) 9d 7s Kd

notontilt09 checks

JVL_STARRR69 bets $28

notontilt09 calls $28

TURN ($112) 9d 7s Kd Ts

notontilt09 checks

JVL_STARRR69 bets $92

notontilt09 raises to $378 (AI)

JVL_STARRR69 calls $286

RIVER ($868) 9d 7s Kd Ts 9s

notontilt09 shows Th 9c

(Pre 35%, Flop 65.1%, Turn 9.1%)

JVL_STARRR69 shows Qc Jd
(Pre 65%, Flop 34.9%, Turn 90.9%)

notontilt09 wins $867

9% equity are enough, he rivered a Full-House, bye bye $$$ :(.

Here another hand against fantasticcow aka Chris Jackson who is one of the so called "young guns".

They´ll soon have their own reality show on TV, and I really felt I have to play him, because taking money out of these hustlers is the ultimate satisfaction, haha.

fantasticcow ($620)
JVL_STARRR69 ($600)

JVL_STARRR69 posts (SB) $3
fantasticcow posts (BB) $6

Dealt to JVL_STARRR69 8h 8d

JVL_STARRR69 raises to $12

fantasticcow raises to $48

JVL_STARRR69 raises to $138

fantasticcow raises to $620 (AI)

JVL_STARRR69 calls $462 (AI)

FLOP ($1,200) 2s Ks 4c

TURN ($1,200) 2s Ks 4c 8c

RIVER ($1,200) 2s Ks 4c 8c 9d

JVL_STARRR69 shows 8h 8d

(Pre 80%, Flop 80.5%, Turn 81.8%)

fantasticcow shows 6h 5h
(Pre 20%, Flop 19.5%, Turn 18.2%)

JVL_STARRR69 wins $1,199

When he jammed it, I really hoped for a flip, but was astonished that I was the big favourite and my hand quite unusually held up.

My graph for this month so far, 25k VPPs achieved:

Guess that should do it for now. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, feel free to hit me up.

have a good one and gl at the tables.